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by Sallee
29 Oct 2017, 07:46
Forum: Questions about flights and Ryanair
Topic: Flight times from FRA to ATH
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Flight times from FRA to ATH

Reading my itinerary, it looks like it takes 4 hours to fly from Frankfurt to Athens but only 2.5 for return flight. What am I missing? This can't be right.
by Sallee
29 Oct 2017, 06:34
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Introduction from Germany
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Introduction from Germany

Hello, I live near the Kaiserslautern area and will be flying to Athens in a couple weeks as my first trip with Ryanair. I'm hoping I am figuring out the baggage rules correctly as I don't want any big surprises at the gate! Anyway, I'm approaching retirement age and travel gets a little more diffic...