Introducing myself

New members, please introduce yourself here!

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Introducing myself

Post by Vytautas »

- Who are you?
A handsome, thoroughly clever, perfectly plump IT professional in his prime :-) (citing A. Lindgren, Karlsson on the Roof)
- How old are you (not required)?
See above
- Where do you live?
Vilnius, Lithuania
- What is/are your nearest Ryanair airport(s) or/and Ryanair :ryanair: base(s)?
VNO. Also in 100 km - KUN, in 300 km - PLQ, RIX
- What's your favourite Ryanair :ryanair: destination?
No such
- What do you think of Ryanair :ryanair:?
It made revolution in travel industry
- What's your favourite Ryanair :ryanair: route?
All ending in VNO :-)
- What's your most frequent Ryanair :ryanair: route?
Just realized, I did not travel any route twice (not counting return flights)
- Anything else you want to tell us about Ryanair.
i like these guys

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Re: Introducing myself

Post by ryanadmin »

Welcome to the Ryanair forum! Have a good time here

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