Maybe more aircraft based on Weeze?

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Maybe more aircraft based on Weeze?

Post by Wouter » 22 Jan 2008, 15:58

RyanAir propels growth Airport Weeze

Airport Weeze used last year up to 848.852 passengers. That´s a new record in the 4-yeary existence of the former British militairy airport, just over the German border.
From our reporter

The growth in compare with 2006, when 585.682 passengers travelled via Airport Weeze, is 45 procent. The old record of 792.961 passengers is from 2004, when VBird flew from Weeze. VBird went bankrupt in october 2004.

The fast growth in 2007 is almost completely an ascribing to Ryanair, wich has based 4 aircraft on the airport and the serving destinations raised to 20. The expectation is that Ryanair will base another two aircraft at the airport.

Except Ryanair also assisted charterairline Sky Airlines, wich flew to Antalya, as well as Hamburg International with flights to the Northern-Iraqi city of Erbil. Since november, 42 tons of freight is transported to and from Airport Weeze with the Dutch airline SkyWings Cargo Airlines.

source: Dagblad de Limburger (newspaper)

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