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Post by ryanadmin » 25 Feb 2017, 14:27

9 New Winter Routes To Aalborg, Cagliari, Copenhagen, Naples, Nice, Oradea, Oslo Torp, Pardubice & Ponta Delgada, 23.8m Customers

Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 airline, today (23 Feb) launched its biggest-ever London winter schedule (2017), with 3 new London Stansted routes to Aalborg, Oradea and Pardubice, 6 new winter services to Cagliari, Copenhagen, Naples, Nice, Oslo Torp and Ponta Delgada, more flights on 13 existing routes and over 140 routes in total, which will deliver 23.8m customers p.a. in total at Ryanair’s 3 London Airports, supporting 17,000* jobs.

Ryanair will continue to connect London with major business centres on high frequency, low fare services including Berlin (4 daily), Dublin (18 daily), Edinburgh (4 daily) and Madrid (4 daily), with better timings and lower fares, making Ryanair the ideal choice for London business and leisure customers and visitors, and these new routes will go on sale in February 2017.

Ryanair’s London Winter 2017 schedule will deliver:

London Stansted

3 new routes: Aalborg (3 wkly), Oradea (3 wkly) & Pardubice (3 wkly)
6 new winter services: Cagliari (3 wkly), Copenhagen (3 daily), Naples (daily), Nice (daily), Oslo Torp (3 wkly), Ponta Delgada (1 wkly)
Extra flights on 13 routes: Billund (2 daily), Bratislava (2 daily), Budapest (3 daily), Cologne (2 daily), Baden (9 wkly), Lublin (4 wkly), Marseille (daily), Stockholm Skavsta (2 daily), Plovdiv (3 wkly), Poznan (9 wkly), Prague (2 daily), Sofia (16 wkly), Toulouse (2 daily)
124 routes in total
Over 1,100 weekly flights
20.5m customers p.a. (+4%)
15,000* “on-site” jobs p.a.
London Gatwick:

5 routes to Alicante (6 wkly), Belfast (5 daily), Dublin (8 daily), Cork (daily) & Shannon (6 wkly)
110 weekly flights
1.7 m customers p.a.
1,275* “on-site” jobs p.a.
London Luton:

15 routes including Fuertaventura (2 wkly), Lanzarote (2 wkly), Malta (4 wkly) & Tenerife (2 wkly)
72 weekly flights
1.6m customers p.a
1,200* “on-site” jobs p.a.
Ryanair’s London summer 2017 schedule is attracting record bookings, with more frequencies to sun destinations for summer family holidays, lower fares as Ryanair passes on lower fuel costs, and an even better customer experience, as it continues to roll out its “Always Getting Better” improvements.

In London, Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said:

“We are pleased to launch our biggest-ever London winter schedule, with 9 new London Stansted winter routes and extra flights on 13 existing routes, which will deliver 23.8m customers p.a. and support over 17,000 jobs at Ryanair’s three London airports. We are also pleased to report record bookings on our London summer 2017 schedule, and customers can look forward to even lower fares, so there’s never been a better time to book a low fare flight on Ryanair. We urge all customers who wish to book their holidays to do so now on the website or mobile app, where they can avail of the lowest fare air travel to and from London

To celebrate the launch of our London winter 2017 schedule we are releasing seats for sale across our European network from just £9.99, which are available for booking until midnight Monday (27 Feb). Since these amazing low prices will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto and avoid missing out.”

- See more at: ... srp7V.dpuf

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Post by RobertS » 16 Apr 2017, 09:22

5 new routes from Stansted will be launched in September instead of late October:
Aalborg (3 wkly), Kiev (5 wkly), Lviv (2 wkly), Oradea (3 wkly), Pardubice (3 wkly) ... ?market=en

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