Stockholm - Gran Canaria

For all the cancelled and discontinuous Ryanair routes and old Ryanair destinations and airports.

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Stockholm - Gran Canaria

Post by sebbivism » 03 Dec 2013, 22:03

Ending 2014-01-09:
Gran Canaria (LPA) ↔ Stockholm-Västerås (VST)

Ryanair will stop flying between Västerås and Gran Canaria earlier than planned. The reason is the economy. Long-haul holidays worthwhile worse for the airline, the traffic in the middle distance to Gran Canaria was a try. ← The route to/from Tenerife South will continuing as planned with ending date 2013-03-30

Ending 2014-01-10:
Tenerife South (TFS) ↔ Karlstad (KSD)
Gran Canaria (LPA) ↔ Aarhus (AAR)

Same reason as above with LPA-VST.

Original ending date was 2013-03-30

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