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All the winter and summer schedule announcements for Ryanair bases and destinations
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Posting in the Winter/Summer Schedules Category

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To keep this section organized it is important that all the posts have the same general layout.
It will help both to the visual appearance and to make it simpler to look up for information for example.
That is why, when if possible, whenever a new post is made that it follows the same layout as the others especially in the subject title.

For example: When someone is posting about Madrid's winter schedule for 2016 then the Subject must be like:

W16 Madrid (MAD)

Where the letters W or S are used to indicate if its W(INTER) or S(UMMER).
The two digits after refer to the year.
Just after the airport is written.
And the airport/city it refers to must be accompanied of the corresponding IATA code.


W16 Glasgow (GLA) -> Winter 2016 Glasgow
S17 Rome Ciampino (CIA) -> Summer 2017 Rome Ciampino

... and so on.

This is just so its kept organized!! ;)

Thanks a lot.

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