Cabin Crew Jobs

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Cabin Crew Jobs

Post by harrywilliam » 05 Jan 2012, 10:53

CabinCrewDirect is a UK based course which helps you understand more about the role of cabin crew. Click here to view our site. you will not only have an advantage when you start your initial cabin crew training, but you will also greatly improve your chances of being employed as a flight attendant or cabin crew.

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Re: Cabin Crew Jobs

Post by Ryanairflyer » 05 Jan 2012, 15:53

In some airlines  it is performance on the day that counts, i have seen seasonal crew return to a assessment day/interview  and still not pass but newbies have.

Fees in $ interesting.... hmmmm   :twisted:

Do you qualify for the course?
◦Age 18 -19 +
◦Weight in proportion to height.
◦Ability to swim.
◦Good eyesight.
◦Well groomed.
◦The right to live and work in the country which the airline is based.
◦Effectively work as part of a team.
◦Ability to communicate well.
◦Friendly personality.

** I remember when Education was a requirement.

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