Group check-in wrong name.

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Group check-in wrong name.

Post by Andre »


Me and my friends will be flying out soon.
There has been a small error during the check in.
We accidentally checked in our friend X with the information of friend Y.
This is done via the Ryanair application.
So basically, Friend X got in-checked with the information of friend Y ( Documents, Date of Birth, passport number)

A possible solution for this is just to change the name of Friend X to the name of Friend Y so the document information doesn't have to change.
In a nutshell, A change of name of one passenger who is also coming with us. Do mind we fly out as a group.

How much will this change cost? I hope it isn't 110 pounds because we aren't selling the ticket. Both passengers will fly out.

Or is this not necessary?


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Re: Group check-in wrong name.

Post by ryanadmin »

Hi André, if you call the Ryanair service hotline they will help you for free

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