TFS: Tenerife South - Reina Sofia (Canary Islands)

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TFS: Tenerife South - Reina Sofia (Canary Islands)

Post by atoutprix » 13 Feb 2016, 11:50

The island of Tenerife (one of the Canary Islands) enjoys two airports : Tenerife South (Sur - Reina Sofia - TFS) and North (Norte - Los Rodeos - TFN).
Ryanair goes to Tenerife South (TFS), which is situated, as its name implies, in the south of the island, in the touristic area - but 60 km away from the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Airport website : ... me=subHome

Runway :
08/26 (3200 m)

Terminal :
Very large indeed, but linear. A very long hall, with arrivals on the left, check-in desks and departures on the middle and right.
The security check is on the upper floor, then you have to step down to the ground floor to reach the departure gates.
There are air bridges, not used (or not always used) by Ryanair.

To/from the airport :
Buses to Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz and the beaches in the south (n° 111). They stop just in front of the terminal, "arrival" side. Tickets are bought on board. (The Canary Islands being part of Spain, they use the euros). ... me=subHome

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Re: TFS: Tenerife South - Reina Sofia (Canary Islands)

Post by FRequent Flyer » 02 Apr 2016, 14:30

The queues here, even by airport standard, are very long, especially for food outlets like Burger King. My advice is to eat in the Burger King before security, to avoid the colossal queues in the one in the Departures area.

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