MRS: Marseille Provence (Marignane) - France

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MRS: Marseille Provence (Marignane) - France

Post by atoutprix » 13 Feb 2016, 12:03

Marseille is situated on the Mediterranean coast of France.
The airport is at Marignane, some 25 km from the city center. (Once its only French base,  Ryanair was forced to close it in january 2011).
There is a terminal for LCC only, called mp2 - all FR flights use that terminal.
The other terminal, used by the legacy carriers, is just beside, 300 m away.

Airport website :

Runways :
13L/31R : 3500x45 m
13R/31L : 2370x45 m

Communications :
- there is a bus going to the main railway station of Marseille (gare Saint Charles).
Departure every 15 minutes; the trip lasts around 30 min.
Price : 8 euros one way, 12,80 euros return (march 2013).
At the airport : the bus drops pax at mp2, but to board it, you have to go after the far end of the other terminal (4 minutes walk).
Buy your ticket at the booth there - or before your flight, on the website (avoiding the possible queue at the booth) : ... 75979.html
At the station : the bus station is on the side and the rear of the railway station. Buy the ticket at the booth inside.

- there is also a bus going to the "Vitrolles Aéroport" railway station (5 minutes away) and back,  in connection with the trains to/from Marseille Saint Charles.
The bus is free, the train costs 4,60 euros.
At the airport : bus at the bus station - train ticket at a vending machine behind (to be allowed to board the bus, you have to show your train ticket to the driver).
At the Vitrolles Aéroport train station : the bus is awaiting just down from  the Platform, or can be called by phone.

- other connections : see ... art_mp.jsp

Terminal mp2.
Marseille Airport was the first in France to have a terminal set up specially for the low-cost carriers.
It is a former shed that has been transformed and is quite comfortable for the travellers, although the metallic frame is still apparent and the decor is minimum.

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