MAD: Madrid Barajas (Spain)

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MAD: Madrid Barajas (Spain)

Post by atoutprix » 13 Feb 2016, 12:13

Madrid Barajas is a rare occurence of Ryanair flying to the main airport of a capital city - and it is even a  Image base.
It is some 12 km north-east of the city center.

Runways :
15R/33L : 4100 m
15L/33R : 3500 m
18L/36R : 3500 m
18R/36L : 4350 m

There are five terminals at Barajas :  from south to north : T1, T2, T3 next to each other; then T4 farther to the north; and T4S to the east of T4.
There is a shuttle bus (free) between T1, T2, T3 and T4 - and a train between T4 and T4S.
Ryanair flights are to and from the terminal T1.
Usually, the Ryanair aircraft are connected to the terminal by an air bridge - which means that only the forward door can be used by the passengers to disembark and board. If you are in a hurry to disembark, you should take a seat in the first rows !
The T1 terminal looks a bit old from outside, but has been refurbished inside and is quite nice; a lot of shops and boutiques after the security check, with the usual : alcools, perfumes, newspapers, bars, etc.

To go to Madrid :
The easiest way to the city center is with the underground "Metro" - line 8 - that carries you to the end station "Nuevos Ministerios", where you can commute to other Metro lines.
From T1, you have to go to T2 - either by the shuttle bus or by the walkway (allow at least 10 minutes by foot), both on the departure level (above the arrival level).
From T2, another walkway leads to the metro station.
The metro tickets are bought at automatic machines down at the station level; the automats can be set up to give the informations in french, english or german, besides spanish, of course. The ticket from or to either of the airport stations (one is "T1-T2-T3", the other is "T4") are one euro more expensive, I.E. 2 euros instead of 1 euro, normal fare in the Madrid metro.

Airport website : ... 9727006353

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