AGP: Malaga Pablo Ruiz Picasso (Spain)

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AGP: Malaga Pablo Ruiz Picasso (Spain)

Post by atoutprix » 13 Feb 2016, 12:26

The informations in this post are not up to date : please read the posts which follow this one.

Malaga lies in Andalusia, in the south of Spain, on the Mediterranean sea.
AGP is a Ryanair base (4 aircraft at the moment).

Airport website : ... 193〈=EN_GB

See also :

Runway :
13/31, 3200 m
A second runway is planned (12/30) on the other side of the terminals.

At the moment (early march 2010), there are two terminals on use : T1 and T2. Ryanair uses the T2.
Another terminal, T3, is due to open soon.
Most often, the aircraft (even those of Ryanair) are connected to the terminal via an air bridge. Which means that it takes a lot of time for all the passengers to get out (if you are in a hurry to exit, take a seat in front of the cabin), and even more time for all to get in and put the hand baggages in the overhead lockers.

Transportation to Malaga :
- trains : there are works in progress, but at the moment you have to go through the car park in front of the terminal to reach the train station (trains to Malaga or to Fuengirola). Tickets can be bought at the vending machines at the station.
Trains are every half hour in each directions. To Malaga, it's a 15 minutes ride. The Malaga railway station is about 1 km from the city center.
- bus : there is a bus from the airport to the center of the town, but I have not used them and can't give infos.

Museum of Aviation :
There is a small museum of Aviation in the old terminal, now just besides the General Aviation Terminal (a 10 min walk from the terminal).
Only open from 10 to 14 : I have just had the time to look at the exhibits in open air, which include : Kar Air CV440, Iberia DC3, Spantax Beechcraft, front part of Iberia DC9. ... uage=EN_GB

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