MAD-CIA Ryanair & Rome Experience

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MAD-CIA Ryanair & Rome Experience

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Just been off to Rome and very happy overall.

Regarding Ryanair,
Uniforms: The new uniforms are OK, although not too impressive. (Preferred their old one)
Cabin: They have removed some yellow interior with pictures of happy families on holidays. Which I think is better.
Menu: Their new inflight menu is still quite expensive and relatively similar to the old one. (I will post pictures)

Regarding Rome,
Ciampino Airport: Was quite close and taxi costs 30 €
Visitng Rome: There were too many tourists, but I was expecting that. Not very easy to walk around.
Temperature: It was quite hot and wouldn't recommend visiting Rome in August.
Price: Not too expensive as compared to other European Capitals. Just move slightly out of the city center and you can eat for 10-12 €. The visit to the Roman Forum was 12 €, Definitely worth it. Otherwise it is not necessary to enter all monuments and sites. (Ex. Colosseum, Pantheon - Queues are too long)
Public Transport: OK, but not great. Buses are often packed full with people and no one pays. People board form the back (3rd door) so they don't have to pay. :o Also the buses are old and dirty.

If you have any questions, I can try to answer them. ;)

Here a few pictures:

Boarding the A/C:

The new interiors:

Fontana di Trevi (!!!)

St. Peters Church

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