Family Plus - Luggage booked on boarding pass not flying

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Family Plus - Luggage booked on boarding pass not flying

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we've been traveling as a family from Bremen to Edinburgh on a family plus tariff which included luggage of 2x20 kg. Since I was the one booking the flight the luggage has automatically been booked on my boarding card. However, due to a change of plans having to do with my job, I am not going back with my family but taking a later flight. I have already did the online check-in though. Now, since the luggage is part of the family plus tariff it should be possible for my family to take it home without me, but how? I have already considered accompanying them to the airport, checking in the luggage but then not actually taking the flight, but I don't want to cause any hassle for them. (They left part of our luggage in Bremen, so if we could actually talk to somebody, maybe we could have had a chance asking for an accommodating arrangement, but that does not really seem an option, does it?). What would you do?

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Re: Family Plus - Luggage booked on boarding pass not flying

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I should call Ryanair of try to contact them via the online Chat. But there's no problem if the other part of the family takes the luggage, right?

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