Ryanair Fanclub Forum Newsletter 02-2011

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Ryanair Fanclub Forum Newsletter 02-2011

Post by ryanadmin » 05 Feb 2011, 12:14


Hello to all Ryanair Fans and 'Ryanair Fanclub' Members,

Congratulations to all our members and guests- we are proud to announce 'Ryanair Fanclub' has reached a milestone:

1000 + Registered users and
8000 + Messages on our forum.

'Ryanair Fanclub' has proved to be a place where regular Ryanair flyers, new
passengers and general aviation fans have repeatedly visited
and ask our members for advice,  proudly you have not dissapointed them making this forum the biggest 'Ryanair Fanclub' on the Internet at this time.

We have recently introduced some additions and the forum website has been
re-designed and we hope the changes will be an improvement to you all.

- Navigating the site has been made easier and we hope made clearer for all members.

- Threads have been reduced and categorised accordingly.

- Unfortunatley we have noticed spammers have been frequenting the site and have tried to upset OUR forum so we took the step in hope to prevent this from happening in the future and Introduced a team of moderators. (Please remember moderators are simply volunteers and may not be associated
directly with Ryanair or the aviation industry in General). Our moderators are here simply here to help you and help ressolve any
problems you may have regarding the forum as soon as they can.

Please remember this is OUR forum and we hope you will find time to inform us with any ideas you have helping to improve  the 'RyanarFanclub'.

We hope the forum will grow and become more popular each year, at the same
time the 'Ryanair Fanclub'  website (http://www.ryanairfanclub.com) has reached 75.047 unique views since
the start on August 25, 2007.

Once again a BIG thank you to all our members that make the success of the 'Ryanair Fanclub' possible and may it continue for many years to come.

The Admin

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Re: Ryanair Fanclub Forum Newsletter 02-2011

Post by lucien » 08 Feb 2011, 13:14

Big thank you to all moderators and administrator.

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